Tulsa, OK Trump Rally



Hello, freedom fighters!


Last night was the first speech of President Donald Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign. As many of you already know, the speech was being held at the ROK Center in Tulsa Oklahoma, just 8 blocks away from the historic Greenwood district of the city. It wasn’t a coincidence. Hours before the speech even began, peaceful protesters were already being arrested for asinine reasons:



There were also already stories coming out of COVID-19 cases coming out of the Tulsa area, linked directly to Trump’s speech:


This came even after local medical experts were begging for the speech not to take place for safety’s sake. A judge turned down their pleas to not allow the rally to continue. It was a ridiculous ruling.


The turnout for the rally were absolutely pathetic. President Trump tried to say that a million people had signed up to attend the rally, and while that *may* have been true, we had no intentions of actually going. Brad Parscale, the campaign manager for the president’s 2020 campaign, tweeted that the rally had “Just passed 800,000 tickets. Biggest data haul and rally sign up of all time by 10x.” In reality, it was a massive internet prank that rocked the rally.



Tik Tokers, Zoomers, K-Pop Stans, people like me on Facebook, and even random grandchildren reserved as many tickets as we could, up to, apparently, enough to impress Mr. Parscale, and destroy the numbers of people actually interested in the president’s rally. Judging by the photos I’ve seen, a fraction of the people originally assumed were actually in attendance. I don’t think the overflow area was even needed.


Watching the live protests last night outside between the BLM protesters and the Trump crowd was difficult because of my bias (rightfully) for BLM, but also because of the wall of people, the protesters faced. The Trump supporters were just a wall of difficulty, not wanting to listen or learn anything different than what they believed in. It was sad to see. Grown people were acting like stubborn children when being approached with views that were different than their own. It was bizarre and very maddening and sad to see as someone who knows people from the US Deep South who aren’t that way.


Here is the actual rally:





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