The Tulsa "Rally"



Hello Freedom Fighters!


Last night in Tulsa, Oklahoma, President Trump held the first rally of his re-election campaign. You can read all about it in my post about the rally. Apparently, thanks to Generation Z, there were only 6,624 people out of 19,200 people in attendance at the ROK Center! I almost choked on my eggs when I read those statistics this morning! That information came from someone tied to the ROK Center, and not someone trying to stir up drama.


The president himself knew that the attendance of his event was lacking, stating to the meager crowd that the (peaceful) BLM protesters were to blame. Watching the live feed of the protests outside showed that the Trump supporters were more aggressive than our side. At one point, a Proud Boy pepper sprayed into the crowd (that he’d run into) because he “feared for his life” and “felt surrounded.” If he was the one to run into the group of people, to become surrounded, and then to force himself into a space between the crowd and a wall of the ROK Center, I ask you, who is at fault?


Getting back to the president, however, Mr. Trump did not have his usual chaotic excitement and energy when he disembarked the presidential helicopter in Washington D.C. after he returned from the rally. As it stands, there are many rumors going around that the president has a drug problem and uses, possibly even snorts, Adderall. Adderall, when taken the wrong way can act in the human body like over the counter meth. This may explain some of his stranger antics…


This morning, the netizens of Twitter took note of how unusually quiet the president was. In fact, Trump didn’t tweet at all until a bit before 1pm, EST (the time zone for Washington D.C.). Even at that, the tweet was a generic “Happy Father’s Day” post that was quite possibly posted by someone on his team (or scheduled, if they still do that.) Perhaps the regime is finally beginning to fall, friends…




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