Live Feeds 6/21/2020


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Good afternoon, Freedom Fighters!


Live Feeds From 6/21/2020: Portland, OR; Florissant, MO; Branson, MO; Asheville, NC; CHAZ/CHOP; Columbus, OH*:


During our Live Feed watching last night, a lot happened, so I figured it was best to document everything and share it all with you guys! Law enforcement was out in force and seemed angry, especially in Portland, Oregon. Perhaps they’re angry over the positivity surrounding CHAZ/CHOP just to the south. It seemed to me (and this is ONLY my humble opinion) that the law enforcement of the area is taking their aggression of being pushing out of Seattle’s Capitol Hill area on the protestors in Portland.


The Portland Police Department, while in full and complete riot gear began their mass-arresting by taking in people for “Jay Walking,” a historically offensive term, and brought numerous protesters in by the van-full. That wasn’t to say that they didn’t leave plenty of protesters to continue fighting the good fight, and the people continued on, pressing into the sidewalk along the opposite side of the street that the Police Department was on.


Soon enough, the PPD had closed down that area of the sidewalk, forcing the protesters down the block to another section of sidewalk. Before long, however, the police had closed that public sidewalk as well, forcing the protesters into a park located in the city of Portland. By the time all of the protesters were safely within th confines of the park, PPD announced that it was midnight, and that the parks of Portland, Oregon were closed for the evening. I’d always thought it was a ticket, not arrest to be in a park after dark…


Florissant MO

Police pulled a protester from the line for what looked like nothing more than recording on her camera. The police pulled other protesters with her, but let them go when they screamed loud enough. They dragged her off to arrest her away from the cameras and the eyes of the other protesters, but I’m not sure for what reason. None of the law enforcement officials would give their names or badge numbers when asked by protesters. All the officers were in riot gear, despite there being no riot at all, and I wonder how much that cost the taxpayers of the state of Missouri?



Branson, MO

People were blasting “Proud to be an American” by Lee Greenwood while wrapped in Confederate Flags. Unlike when Olympians display the flag of their country upon their shoulder, these people were dragging their flags on th ground, scrunching them into balls, and generally acting like they didn’t care about them. Someone in the audience watching the spectacle screamed out to them “how dare you play that song while you wear that rag?”


People were waving the Confederate Flag around and in people’s faces attempting, I’m assuming to intimidate them. It was sad to see the number of children, including small children, that were being subjected to watching their parents act like such racist animals. One woman draped in a Confederate Flag, rubbing it all over her body, was screaming to Black Lives Matters protesters and POCs that she would ‘teach her grandchildren to hate them.’ While I don’t doubt her, it’s still heartbreaking to hear it.


Asheville NC

Protesters gathered at a Defund the Police mural which had been covered up in blue paint to protest/counter protest the mural/covering of it. White women were screaming incoherently at POC attempting to peacefully protest; they may have been drunk, honestly. The women had the vilest mouths and sharpest tongues that I’d heard in a while. I talk shit, but damn, these women were fucking RUDE to the protesters. The white supremacist counter protesters would not listen to the BLM protesters, despite their attempts to try and speak to them.


They continued to fall back to say that God was the only one who could truly judge, though that didn’t make sense for either side of the discussion. Why does the Alt-Right want to spin us to be Godless heathens who want to burn it all to the ground and not care? We want to fix this country! Some people seem to want to listen, but so many others want to scream over the conversations and let only their own voices be heard. They would rather drown it all out with hate.


At some point, the counter protesters even attempted to ruin a prayer session that was taking place. They’re calling us heathens, but they’re doing things like that? The counter protesters assume that all the protesters are simply angry because they secretly want to be a part of the police department, and not because they believe that all cops are bastards (ACAB). The counter protesters very loudly screamed out, asking if “Indian” lives mattered, referring, not to the people from India, but to the Indigenous people of the United States; the irony being lost on them completely. After a slight altercation between the two groups, someone was heard saying they could smell alcohol. It continued on like that for much of the night.


A new information booth has been built to help the people and visitors alike. Along with the booth, a new sign area was being added as I watched so the people will know when meetings and marches are. For example, today’s meeting is at 6:00pmPST in the field. According to quite a few people we heard, this is going to be a huge help and improvement for the area.


They have a large compost pile going, and the garden is looking very well-tended. While FOX News and other major news outlets would have you believe that they’re growing nothing but marijuana, I haven’t seen any. They’re growing food and flowers from what I can see. A civilian-run security team has been set up since the area was first thought of. This civilian-run security force seems to be handling things remarkably well, taking care of two violent situations that rose up during the evening/early morning. There have been some people with guns lately, causing people to be shot recently during two altercations in the area. For the most part, the area has not needed police assistance.


The population of people without homes is still being taken care of just as well as those who do have homes to return to, and that is one of the most important points to note about CHAZ/CHOP. Again, mainstream media would have the general public believe that the people without homes were either attacking the others or that it was the other way around. Neither case is true. Yesterday evening’s march on the West Precinct was very well-coordinated, and the protesters immediately began to coordinate more. I feel confident about this movement.


Columbus, OH

*I did not see the live feed for this story, but I still wanted to include it because of how violent and deplorable it is.


A young, unnamed man was in Columbus, Ohio on Sunday, June 21, 2020 fighting for civil rights and Black Lives Matter when he was hit by the police with (from what I could gather) their police bikes, and shot with pepper spray. He was non-violent and unarmed according to bystanders. Once the unnamed man had been shot in the face with the pepper spray, witnesses heard someone in the crowd of police call out to ‘steal his prosthetic legs!’ to their comrades. While suggesting it was disgusting enough, the fact that it was done is even worse.


Both of the young man’s prosthetic legs were stolen from him, and he was forced to crawl for medical care. In the video, you can hear him howling in agony. Other protesters tried to help him, screaming for a medic while they tried to help him to the best of their ability. They screamed not only for medical care but also for law enforcement to return the young man’s prosthetic legs. They were all ignored until they rushed the group of police, braving more pepper spray themselves. Despite the onslaught, the other protesters managed to get both of the unnamed man’s prosthetic leg’s back.

The mayor of Columbus, Ohio is Andrew Ginther (or is as of 6/22/20 ha!) and just earlier this week, he made a statement about situations very much like this. Who knew something could age so badly so quickly? Ginther had explained the Columbus law enforcement’s stance about protesters, saying that the Columbus Police could easily handle violent, aggressive protesters. On non-violent, peaceful protests, he said "those on the other side who are truly peaceful, who are truly non-violent, who are truly non-aggressive need to have the space and deserve to have the space to exercise their First Amendment rights, and we should embrace that." Imagine admitting your entire force can’t handle peaceful people? I don’t understand it!




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