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Good morning freedom fighters!


Yesterday was Juneteenth and the first post of the blog. Cities all over the USA erupted in another night of police brutality along with attacks from white supremacists and supporters of current President, Donald Trump. While he pushed back his Tulsa rally by one whole day, he’s still holding it just about 8 blocks from Tulsa’s historic Greenwood district where the historic massacre took place.


Here are some links for those of you who aren’t familiar with the importance of Juneteenth as a holiday in the United States of America, and Greenwood in Tulsa:

Please educate yourselves on one of the most terrifying racially-charged slaughters in the world. If you aren’t angry, you aren’t listening! If you aren’t angry, you aren’t reading!


This is day 27 of the protests that are stretching across the USA and across the entire world, fighting for equal civil rights for BIPOC, but I don’t have to tell you that. What can I tell you about that I saw with my own, proud (and sometimes horrified) eyes on the live feeds last night? Quite a bit, actually.


Law enforcement in Las Vegas, Nevada wasn’t allowing a peaceful protest to legally cross the street to get to their cars. They were trying to get to where they’d parked their cars. When they told the officers that there were children in the crowd with them, they just shrugged. A few moments later they opened fire on the crowd, and the live stream went down. When another stream returned, the protesters were being kettled down an alleyway, warning one another not to run and to stick together. The LVPD blocked the protesters into a small area near Caesar’s Palace, despite the protesters begging them to let them go. Finally, they let them head south down Las Vegas Blvd.


Police in Austin, Texas wouldn’t even attempt to speak with and engage in a conversation with an independent reporter. He laughed at his questions, edging him and the crowd around him on until they were angry and agitated. He then turned to the officer next to him and laughed again.



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