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List of BLM Makeup!!

6/24/2020Good Afternoon Freedom Fighters!I decided to do my best to do a lighter post (if that kind of post is even possible) given how dark it seems right now, so I decided to do a list of companies and individuals that have contributed to Black Lives Matter (BLM.) BLM is NOT a terrorist organization or group. It’s an organization helping to save and fund thousands of young back people’s futures. They only want to make this country, and this world a better, and brighter place without hate and bigotry. If you want to join the BLM movement, donate, or purchase some of their merchandise, please go to the official BLM website at List:SephoraEverlaneGanniHonest BeautySavage X FentyAnastasia Beverly HillsPrabal GurungGlow RecipePretty Little ThingColourpop CosmeticsLipslutFashion NovaEtsyToms ShoesGlossierYouTubeSpanxCollina StradaSHEINAritziaWarby ParkerBiossanceBoy SmellsGap Inc.BillieE.L.F.PeletonLululemonFableticsSunday RileyFor Love & LemonsBlissAm…

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